Initials Part 2

This is hanging in Ellerson's room, they are her initials.  It is just vinyl graphics applied to some old pieces of molding with ribbons attached to hang.


Neon Channel Letter

This is a salvaged channel letter "P" that my father picked up at a salvage sale when they gutted an old warehouse downtown.  We took it to Kurt Carlson at All Kinds of Neon and and him fabricate new neon for it.



This desk was made from a couple of vintage doors and a piece of glass over the top.  It is probably the most used piece in the house.


Custom Signs

This is one of a few custom signs I have made.  It is 3/4" MDF primmed, painted, distressed, beat and then stained.  Then thing that I enjoy about the distressing process is that there are really no mistakes and you can do as much or as little as you like.  



 This cabinet used to be a real light green color and have doors.  Well, I removed the doors and painted it with a dark burgundy color.  Then, I distressed it back letting some of the light green color show through and then stained it with a black, to help it achieve an aged look.



This is a window that we kept when we replaced the windows in our old house.  We thought it had a cool look to it, so we decided to have it pinstriped by a friend (thanks Goat) and then use it for a piece of wall art.



This is a pie safe that had been in my wife's family for quite a number of years.  When it was given to us, it had been stripped and ready to be refinished.  We decided to paint, distress it and replace the knobs and latch......what you see is the final product.



These are letters that hang in each one of my daughters rooms.  They are made from 3/4" mdf and painted with a egg shell finish latex paint.  Each one has a pattern that was painted on top of that with a clear gloss glaze.  I think that effect actually shows up in the pictures better than it does in person.



This is a set of chairs that I made from discarded pallets.  I got the idea from a post I saw on funkyjunkinteriors.blogspot.com, she has some amazing projects!  The pallets were free for the taking from a local job site