2013 IncrediPowells Christmas

INCREDIPOWELLS 6:  Abby Lee Wannabes
            It is that time of year again to see how the past year has unfolded for our resident dancing superheroes of the Sherrylynn Hood.  Still living the dream in a house dominated by females, which pretty much makes it one constant cat fight, with that being said, let’s see what happened in 2013 for the IncrediPowells.
Emmerson is now 4 and will hands down be our biggest challenge yet.  I know a lot of people say that one of their kids was that way too and then they grew out of it.  Hell, we’ve even said that out Addy and Ellie, but with this one, it’s just different. She has also developed quite the colorful vocabulary that every once in a while would make a trucker blush.  For instance when we go into the local Subway and there are a couple hefty short haired women working and she hollers, “Dad, is that a boy or a girl?”  Also, let’s just say this, if she could strike a match, we wouldn’t have a house and she would be laughing as it burnt to the ground.  With that being said there are some positives about Emmy, just none come to mind right now.
Ellie will be 6 in January and could not be more of a polar opposite of Emmerson, thank God.  She is the most kind hearted and compassionate of our children, which makes us wonder who she really belongs to?  Also, she started kindergarten this year and is soaking it in like a sponge.  Dance for Ellie was over about as soon as it started, my wallet thanks her.  Instead she has developed some soccer skills, I don’t want to tell you that she like it because she says she doesn’t, but also she never hesitates to go…….and Grandma J paying 5 dollars per goal never hurt either. 
Addison is 9 and is still living the motto: Life IS Dance!  With her continuing to take classes at D.D.C., Foster-Powell and being a member of the Iowa C.A.T.S., Friday is the ONE day of the week that you will not find us hauling her to West Des Moines.  In her free time when she is not at dance, she is at home…dancing, or trying to get her sisters to follow her lead in a dance she has made up or choreographing her friends in a dance.  So needless to say, for those of you who knew Kim at that age, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Addison is also doing her first solo routine at competitions this year as well as sucking the life blood from our bank account….who knew dance was so friggin’ expensive?
                Kim is in her tenth year of teaching 5th grade at Four Mile Elementary (SEP), and in her second year of being dance mom extreme.  She is the Kittens team representative on the parent committee for the Iowa C.A.T.S. and consistently wears sweat pants with “DANCE MOM” printed on the ass.  Along with being a full time chauffer in the evenings she also co-chairs the Four Mile Spelling Challenge committee.  This is a fundraiser for the PTA which coincidently has its meetings at El Azteca……can you spell m-a-r-g-a-r-i-t-a?
                This January I will be starting my 3rd year at Titan Tire.  I will also be starting my third year of daddy daycare, and by that I mean fall asleep on the couch and let Emmerson destroy the house.  My typical day consists of letting her do whatever until noon, while I hold down the couch and control the TV.  After a gourmet lunch usually consisting of chicken nuggets or Totinos, we both take a nap and I set my alarm to get up 15 minutes before Kim gets home, and then furiously pick up the house before she gets home.  I know she has no idea what the house really looks like before she gets home, and believe me, she would rather leave it that way. 

We hope this letter finds you and yours doing well this Christmas season.  We wish you all the best in 2014 and we hope to see you soon!

KC, Kim, Addison, Ellerson, Emmerson and Katara IncrediPowell