History of THE IncrediPowells

I hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas!  With this year being the 10th Anniversary of THE IncrediPowells, I thought I would share the brief photo history of our Christmas cards, so without further to do.... 

2008  Original IncrediPowells, the year it all started, and the last year without you know who....man, those were the days!

2009 East Side Undercover...both of our Mom's were not very impressed with this one, but it is hands down the funniest one yet.....man those are short shorts!

2010 Masters of Disguise was the first Christmas in our new/current house. 

2011 Lucha Libre, we tried to do a Mexican wrestling theme...it was not a fan favorite

2012  The Apocalypse is probably my favorite yet to date, we did a zombie theme since the world was supposed to end according to the Myan calendar, news flash, that did not happen.

2013 The Abby Lee Wannabe's...we probably spent more money that year in dance lessons than we paid for my last car.

2014 Parents of Anarchy was another one of my favorites, since S.O.A. is the best television show of all time!

2015 Nerd Alert...the funny thing about this card, when we took the picture at the P-Hill Library, nobody even batted an eye at us being dressed like this.

2016 We Double Dog Dare You is probably one of the most fun Christmas card photo shoots we have done with Shots by Abbey, and it is also the best looking photo yet to date.

2017 An Average Day in the Life is just a reflection of how I feel our every day chaos plays out, rainbows and butterflies.

That's it, I hope you enjoyed....we are already hard at work making memories to share with everybody next year!


IncrediPowells 2017

INCREDIPOWELLS 10.0:  Just a Normal Day In the Life

    This year marks the 10th installment of the annual IncrediPowell’s Christmas Card and I hope it doesn’t disappoint, as I wanted this one to be bigger and better than ever.  When I started doing this, it was to poke fun at the serious Christmas letters that we used to get from time to time.  I never really had the intention of doing it every year, but then it became a sort of what can we do to top last year’s theme?  So, without any further to do……Another year has come and gone and our schedules don’t seem to be getting any lighter, which means the chance for your entertainment is at an all-time high.  So let’s see how the year unfolded for the resident thugs of the Sherrylynn Hood.
    Emmerson is 8, in second grade and has a competitive drive like nothing I have ever seen.  She would challenge you in anything from a foot race to picking boogers.  It’s that type of fire that is great on the playing fields, but gets her in a little trouble on the home front.  She continues to play soccer, basketball and tournament softball, which gives her absolutely no break from sports, and I don’t think she would want it any other way.  She managed to score quite a few goals this fall while being one of the youngest on her U10 soccer team.  We are also really excited for the spring softball season to roll around and see what this year’s team can bring to the table….GO RAMS!
    Ellie will be 10 in January and is in fourth grade and has the biggest heart of all….probably gets that from me.  She decided that select soccer was not for her and opted to play on her younger sister’s rec team this season.  I was shocked that she wanted to play for me as a coach again, since we don’t really seem to have the same “competitive spirit” to say it nicely.  While I think Ellie loves to play the game, she realizes it is just that, a game, which is something I struggle with. (Does the movie Kicking and Screaming mean anything?) She absolutely loves to craft, create and experiment, which falls directly at the feet of Kim’s cousin Abbey, who loves to spend time with our girls and Ellie absolutely idolizes…for some reason.  When she is busy not getting her Martha Stewart on and destroying the kitchen, she can be found trying to watch EVERY video on YouTube.  From making slime to watching Logan Paul’s every move….whoever the hell that is?
    Addison is 13, in eighth grade and she thinks that makes her one of the big fish at the Junior High.  She will be able to get her driving permit in May, so we have done some driving from time to time, which is way more than enough for me already.  Addison also believes that we have an endless supply of money, even though she says she rarely asks for it, and she would follow that up by asking for it.  She continues to play soccer and has really come into her own as a defender, she is on a great team with great coaches and parents.  She also got her referee’s license and tried to earn a little extra money doing something she enjoys….texting at half time.  Last spring she went out for track and was instantly hooked on the high jump, just like mom.  To her chagrin, she was also on the 4x400 team, but it didn’t take her long to figure out why I kept telling her that it’s the most exciting race in track and field, and that she wasn’t actually going to die when she finished a 400.  In her off seasons she has been going to CrossFit with me and really seems to enjoy putting it to the old man in the cardio department.
    Kim is in her fourteenth year of teaching 5th grade at Four Mile Elementary and I think she is really starting to get the hang of this whole teaching thing.  She has also tried her hand at booking spring break vacations, but that usually only happens after a few margs at Fiesta, and is followed up the next day with a trip cancellation.  We did actually go to Clearwater the week of the 4th of July with a large group of friends and neighbors and I am quite sure the Beachview Hotel will never be the same.  She has also dedicated one night of the week that belongs to her, and it is affectionately known as Thirsty Thursday.  It is the one night of the week that Kim tries to keep up with our neighbor Kat on beer consumption, even though Kat usually has an 8 beer lead by the time Kim joins in.  Needless to say, Friday is movie day in Mrs. Powell’s classroom.
    This January will begin my seventh year at Titan Tire and I will have just wrapped up my first full year as a member of the management team.  I think the manufacturing environment is something everyone should experience, if for nothing else, to learn the curse words of every language imaginable.  This fall I coached Ellie and Emmy’s soccer team and while they fight like cats and dogs at practice, when they are on the same page in a game, it is a thing of beauty.  With the addition of a couple of couches and a new TV, we have turned the garage into a neighborhood gathering spot and when that train horn sounds….there is no doubt that one of my teams has just scored!  Feel free to stop by the Sherrylynn Hood anytime, the garage fridge is always stocked with cool ones, a game on the TV and new this winter….HEAT, or as Kim likes to call it, my new girlfriend.
We hope this letter finds you and yours doing well this Christmas season.  We wish you all the best in 2018 and we hope to see you soon!

KC, Kim, Addison, Ellie, Emmerson, Schumi and Roxy IncrediPowell.


IncrediPowells 2016

INCREDIPOWELLS edition 9.0: We Triple-Dog Dare You

    The old adage about how fast time flies and if you don’t take a minute to look around you may miss it is right…especially when you live in this house.  The girls and their never ending list of activities, sports and projects has our heads spinning and looking to the garage fridge for relief.  So, as Christmas time approaches it is time to look back and reflect, good and bad, on the year that was for THE IncrediPowells.
    Emmerson is 7 and hit the ground running in first grade this year, and she has no signs of slowing down.  She is our most active when it comes to sports participation, but she tries to balance that out with being our most challenging at home.  She is both familiar with the athletic fields she plays on, and the inside of her bedroom where she spends a fair amount of time.  This summer, much to the delight of Kim, Emmy played her first season of softball and was instantly hooked.  It’s funny how when it’s a sport that Kim is interested in, there is no issue when it comes to buying new gear.  She also played fall softball, U8 soccer(another undefeated season), basketball, and made the U8 Rams Softball Club team….which I am pretty sure is going to become a year round deal.  She will also be entering the State Fair armpit farting competition, which she also recently discovered could be done with the back of her knee…..what talent!
    Ellie will be 9 in January, she is in third grade, and for the second year in a row she has a Hawk fan for a teacher…I am pretty sure there is a conspiracy at Four Mile.  We are also working on breaking her of the habit of taking snacks to her room at night, I mean she has more choices in there than the Golden Corral Buffet.  She continues to play soccer on a select team of sorts, which had us taking trips to Minneapolis and Kansas City this year.  Due to the lack of participation in our age group at the Minneapolis tournament we were forced to play up to U11 as a U8 team and just got absolutely man-handled, which in turn almost got a couple of referee’s man handled.  On the other hand, in Kansas City, playing in the correct age group, they finished second.  This was a big boost to their confidence, being able to hang with big money club teams like that!  Ellie also continues to take art classes at Studio Virtu, which I absolutely love and she would tell you that it’s just one more reason that she is my favorite.
    Addison is 12, in 7th grade and this is her first year at the Junior High!  I have already heard way too many stories about her friends’ boyfriends, sneaking out at night, kissing at Adventureland and just being secretive.  She swears she has no interest in boys (at this point) and unless they find messy hair, sweatpants, and t-shirts attractive, I am just fine with her school clothes selection.  This was also the last year of dance, as Foster Powell decided to close the doors after this year’s recital.  She did go out with a bang though, having another high energy acrobatic solo and participating in countless other group dances.  Addison has also stuck with soccer and really found her niche while playing defender.  She is on a great team with great coaches and continues to impress the hell out of me with her skill set.  Her team won the Kohl’s Cup Tournament this fall and finished the season undefeated, and let me tell you, ringing the cowbell and blowing the vuvuzela when they score a goal NEVER gets old for me!
    Kim is in her thirteenth year of teaching 5th grade at Four Mile Elementary and is well on her way to becoming one of the “senior” teachers in the building.  I always love going to school on open house night and telling her students and their parents sorry about their bad luck in getting her as a teacher…while I stand outside of her classroom door.  Kim also made a big life change this year as she slowed down on the consumption of Ultra and switched to sweet tea vodka and water.  “This way you can continue to drink all day and stay hydrated,” spoken like a true professional.  We also spent spring break in Mexico this year, which was an absolute blast and made us realize we NEVER want to take our kids on vacation again!  On a side note, Kim is also the reigning arm wrestling champion at the original Billy Goat Tavern in Chicago.
    This January I will begin my sixth year at Titan Tire and my first as part of the management team.  This past spring was my last coaching Ellie in soccer, which I believe we both feel is for the better.  Emmy is not so lucky, I continue to coach her soccer team and don’t think there is any doubt who she belongs to with her antics on and off the field…..she’s Kim’s.  I am sure if she thought she could get away with giving me the middle finger on the sidelines, she would.  This year I also got myself what was first diagnosed as gout, and then correctly changed to staph and strep infection.  Along with this, I had a knee hot enough to cook an egg on, kankles, a short hospital stay with a minor procedure, two months of pic line antibiotics and one bitchin’ scar!  However, Kim would tell you that it just got us another bill in the mail for a few months.

We hope this letter finds you and yours doing well this Christmas season.  We wish you all the best in 2017 and we hope to see you soon.  

KC, Kim, Addison, Ellie, Emmerson, Schumi and Roxy IncrediPowell.

IncrediPowells 2015

INCREDIPOWELLS edition 8:  Nerd Alert
     It is that time of year again to fill you in on the adventures and misadventures of the IncrediPowells over the last year.  As you can imagine, the last year has been an absolute blur when you live with these crazies, but I will do my best to let you know what we have been up to.  So, get your popcorn ready and let's see how the last year has unfolded for the resident Nerds of the Sherrylynn Hood.
    Emmerson is 6 and started Kindergarten this year and I think Kim and I are both still holding our breath and waiting for that one phone call.  You know, the one where the teacher calls and says Emmy had a bad day and told the whole class to kiss her *ss.  Thank God that call will go straight to Kim since she is in the same building.  She wrapped up her 3rd season in U6 soccer with her team being undefeated, and in the spring she will be trying to set the scoring record for that league.  She is also in the middle of her first season of basketball and has the same opinion about practice as Allen Iverson.  But when it comes to games, it is a whole other story.  She is calling for the ball and looking to fast break after a rebound.  She also told Kim that she wants to play softball this year because she loves trying to crush the ball while taking BP.  It has taken to child number 3, but I think we finally have our “sports” child….thank god!
    Ellie will turn 8 in January and is in second grade this year where she has the worst thing for a teacher you could ask for….a Hawk fan.  She decided that one year in dance was enough for her, getting the cool costumes was not enough to outweigh having to perform on stage in front of a lot of people.  So, Ellie will just stick with soccer where she is really starting to come into her own as a defender.  This fall she was part of a tournament team that went to Kansas City to play, and there, she played in goal every minute of every game.  She told me that it was boring in goal and I told her that was a good thing, you don’t want to be busy back there. This year was her third season in U8 girls soccer and we finished the season undefeated.  This spring will be her last at that level and then we will move up to U10 where we actually keep score and there is a winner and loser…...what a thought!
    Addison is 11 and this year she proved to us that dreams DO really come true, as she decided to quit competitive dance!  She gave soccer a try this fall, but after 3 games was diagnosed with mono and had to sit out the rest of the season, but she is signed up for indoor and is excited to play.  She does continue to dance at Foster Powell which is only 2 nights a week instead of the 6 or 7 that she was doing.  She did her first solo last year for Foster Powell, which went well, so she decided to enter into the Bill Riley Talent Search at the Iowa State Fair.  She ended up advancing to the semifinal round, where she was beat out by some dork dressed up as a horrible Peter Pan, singing “I Don’t Want To Grow Up.”  It was probably the worst act in the semifinal round, but I guess that is what the judges were looking for.  As you can tell, I am not bitter at all…..Peter effing Pan!  This school year, Addison moved on to the 6th grade center, which means out from the protective clutches of mom, and due to her bout with mono, she is working on 50% attendance.
    Kim is in her twelfth year of teaching 5th grade at Four Mile Elementary, which has required her to start an extensive collection of cardigan sweaters and high waisted jeans.  This summer she was able to take her drinking game to the next level, by convincing the local Ultra distributor to make deliveries directly to the house.  So in turn, she has cut out the middle man and continued to stay hydrated all summer long.  She also retired as the reigning champion dance mom(belt included) and happily returned to her role as dance taxi driver, since Addison quit competition dance.  Also, she planned a week long trip to Clearwater, FL for the family in June and then booked my ticket home 3 days into the trip, so she could enjoy herself for the remaining 4 days.  She could also be found at the Fair for the majority of the days it was open this year and most of the beer vendors knew her by name….weird.  
    This January I will be starting my fifth year at Titan Tire and I am now on day shift, which Kim said was life changing.  I can only assume she is referring to the amount of beer she can consume and not feel guilty now that I am home in the evenings.  I have also taken a position in the Product Engineering department, which means I can now go OUT to lunch on Friday’s!  This past spring and fall soccer seasons I coached Ellie and Emmy’s soccer teams, and thank god both teams were blessed with talent.  Ellie’s tournament trip to Kansas City was the first time that I have not coached her soccer team and her first playing a new position.  With being the goalie comes a lot of responsibility, and I have never been so nervous for that kid in my life, but of course, she handled it like a champ and I was fine after a few beers and a throat lozenge.  I have also been in the crossfit cult for about a year now, and I have never enjoyed getting my ass kicked so much on a regular basis….except for that time Kim brought handcuffs home.

We hope this letter finds you and yours doing well this Christmas season.  We wish you all the best in 2016 and we hope to see you soon.  

KC, Kim, Addison, Ellie, Emmerson, Schumi and Roxy IncrediPowell.


IncrediPowell's Christmas 2014

INCREDIPOWELLS 7:  Parents of Anarchy

    It is that time of year again to fill you in on the shamrocks and shenanigans of the IncrediPowells over the last year.  The last year has flown by and I hope to bring you just a snippet of what the chaotic life is like in a female dominated household.  So, lets see how the last year has unfolded for the resident thugs of the Sherrylynn Hood.
    Emmerson is 5 and still holds the title belt at being the most difficult child ever...of all time….on the face of earth.  With that being said, she is also probably the biggest comedian of the 3, so I guess we will give her kudos for that.  I mean shouldn’t every 5 year old be able to repeat the beginning of “Baby Got Back” at a moments notice?  Emmy was also the first of our kids to have a broken bone, when she snapped her forearm after somersaulting down the slide at Chick-fil-A.   Having a cast however did not slow her down a bit, she got it around 11 pm and was playing soccer at noon the next day.  This was her first season in soccer and it turned out to be a good one.  Her team finished undefeated and she probably scored about 50 goals, which is not bad for an 8 game season.  This is also her first year in dance and she is dying to be just like Addison…..God help me.
    Ellie will be 7 in January and continues to be the calm amongst the storm, most of the time.  She is in 1st grade this year and has the meanest teacher at Four Mile Elementary, Mrs. Moore.  She is a good student and really enjoys school, which just seems to further the question of who does she really belong to.  This was her 3rd season in soccer and she moved up to U8 this year which is where the teams are no longer co-ed, which Ellie seemed to think was not as fun…...uh oh.  While she is not quite the prolific goal scorer that Emmy is, her team also finished the season undefeated, probably the coaching, and she continued to be mostly worried about who was bringing the post game treats that week.  Ellie is also back in the dance game after realizing that she was the only one not taking dance lessons and absolutely loves class with Uncle Richard.
    Addison is 10 and continues to suck the life out of us and our wallets.  Pretty much any free time that we have is spent chauffeuring her around West Des Moines from this dance lesson to that dance lesson.  Along with her solo, duet, jazz, hip hop, and pom routines this year, she has added a small group lyrical to the schedule.  This is her favorite routine to perform, and mine also because it is the easiest to make fun of.  If you are not familiar with this style of dance, think of an over dramatic soap opera (yes, I said over dramatic) set to dance.  Someday the other 2 will be able to look back on the fun that they had growing up in the van in dance studio parking lots.  Addison is in 5th grade this year and says she has the coolest teacher at Four Mile, Mr. Kayser.  That also means that they switch rooms for different subjects and that once a day, she has to go to the dreaded Mrs. Powell’s room…..da da da dummmm.
    Kim is in her eleventh year of teaching 5th grade at Four Mile Elementary, and her second year of being half of the self proclaimed Sherrylynn Hood flippy cup champions.  This year also marked a couple of milestones for Kim.  The first of which was her induction into the Simpson College Hall of Fame for her achievements in softball.  This has also netted her the nickname “The HOF” in the neighborhood, which ironically is the same thing she requires me to call her at home.  Secondly, this November Kim turned 40, which means she is pretty much circling the drain.  For her birthday a few of the Sherrylynn Hoodies and Kim took a much needed (LOL) trip to Clearwater, FL or as one neighbor called it, a bachelorette party.  On the trip they perfected the use of the selfie stick (Google it), which has quickly become a favorite in our household.  Other than Addison’s first dance competition of the year, this was the most relaxing 5 days I have had in a long time.
    This January I will be starting my fourth year at Titan Tire and the last half of my last year of being daddy daycare.  According to Kim, next school year will be the first time she has a full time housekeeper ….I don’t get it?  This past summer I tried my hand at fastpitch softball and it turns out that my extracurricular “athletic” activities may also be circling the drain, next year it may have to consist of walking the dogs, that’s right, dogs plural.  This past year after 13 great years we lost Katara and apparently it takes two dogs to replace her.  We now have Schumi, which is the male dog equivalent to Emmerson, and Roxy who is the female mirror image of Yellow Dog on the movie Funny Farm.  They couldn’t be more polar opposites, but don’t worry, Roxy can hold her own when it comes to putting up with Schumi’s BS.  I also coached Emmy and assistant coached Ellie in soccer this fall and as their records indicated, I am pretty good…..or they had great teammates, you can be the judge.  During a close and frustrating finale to Ellie’s season Kim had to remind me that they were not professionals and I needed to shut up…..apparently she thinks she is some sort of assistant coach.

We hope this letter finds you and yours doing well this Christmas season.  We wish you all the best in 2015 and we hope to see you soon…….We Accept That!

KC, Kim, Addison, Ellie, Emmerson, Schumi and Roxy IncrediPowell.


Here are few more projects that I have made from reclaimed wood.......since the price is right, I have been using it a lot.

Dinner Time

I have been doing a lot of projects out of reclaimed wood and this is probably one of my favorites.  As you can imagine, with 3 kids, the kitchen table sees a lot of action and not only from its intended use.  It seems that our kitchen table is a nail salon, an art studio, dance stage and just an overall spot of gathering for activities.  Needless to say it takes a lot of abuse and I thought it needed a little face-lift due to the chips and stains it has acquired over the years.  So I decided to cover the top with reclaimed fence pickets from one of the neighbors old re-do's.  I bought a couple different shades of stain and assembled the boards in a chevron pattern.  After a couple days of drying in between coats of poly her is what the before and after looked like.