Letters Part 2

We were looking to create a little more "curb appeal" with the front door of our house.  We decided on painting it a deep red and adding the "P" to it, our last name initial.  I e-mailed my file to a local sign company and they CNC routed it out of 3/4" MDF.  It was sanded, primed, painted and then hung using a piece of burlap.  Thanks to Parker Signs and Graphics for the help.


Letters Part 1

I work a night shift, so when the rest of my family is up and around I am usually not.  Last weekend  I was trying to catch a nap before my wife left for her cousins birthday party.  I woke up about an hour before the party and my wife asked me if I could make something for her gift.  She new she wanted an "S" cut out of some old barn tin, but that is about as far as the direction went.....I also told her in an hour, she will have to take what she can get.  Here is what I came up with; the letter "S" cut out of the tin she requested and then mounted to some fence pieces I had laying around.  Sometimes it is nice to have a garage full of crap.